Multi-functional cleaning cloths (microfibre cloths)

Suitable for cleaning of various surfaces, especially TFT-monitors, notebooks, plasma screens, touch screens and displays due to their soft structure.

DISKO microfibre cleaning cloths have very high dirt absorbency. Each single fibre is cut lengthwise up to 16 times giving excellent cleaning results even when being used dry. Used in combination with the DISKO Universal Cleaner - without chemical solvents - the cloths can easily remove skin grease/oils and any other coarser dirt. The cloths are available as moist sachets in a packet or as dry cloths which have to be sprayed directly before use. In both cases the cleaning results are excellent, the surfaces are treated carefully and the environment is not being polluted.

DISKO microfibre cleaning cloths remove dust, dirt, grease, nicotine etc. easy, quick and streak-free. They are ideal for the office as well as for the house. They are highly-absorbent, long lasting and washable up to 95° C. Their cleaning power remains even after several washing procedures. Lint-free, environmentally friendly and gentle to the skin. Suitable for allergic people too.

Microfibre cleaning cloth 15 x 15 cm
4 separate packages with 5 cleaning cloths each
article nr. 158020

Microfibre cleaning cloth 23 x 23 cm
10 separately packaged cleaning cloths per pack
article nr. 158020

Cleaning set for LCD, TFT and plasma screens
Content: 10 microfibre cleaning cloth 15 x 15 cm
1 bottle of Universal Cleaner 100ml (to use in combination with microfibre cloth)
article nr. 1590

DISKO Universal Cleaner for microfibre cleaning cloths
100 ml bottle with spray pump (no added chemicals)
article nr. 1623