Synthetic cleaner for all synthetic and metal surfaces, keyboards and cables

DISKO synthetic cleaner is distinguished for its excellent cleaning properties. Due to its very effective antistatic component, synthetic or metal surfaces can be cleaned and coated with antistatic film simultaneously. The cleaned surface is protected from dirt for 6 to 8 weeks. The intensive cleaning action of orange peel oil extracts ensures that the surface is cleaned thoroughly. Dust, dirt, skin oils and pen ink are easily removed. When used in combination with Disko lint-free cleaning cloths, synthetic and metal surfaces can be cleaned easily, quickly and safely. Clean hardware contributes to a hygienic and attractive working environment. Technical product information available. Bottles are made of recyclable PE.
Synthetic cleaner bottle 100 ml
refillable with removable spray pump for economical use
article nr. 1660      1 bottle

Antistatic synthetic cleaner refill bottle 1000 ml
article nr. 16601      1 bottle

Complete cleaning kit for synthetic surfaces
1 bottle of antistatic synthetic cleaner 100ml
25 lint-free cleaning cloths 15 x 15 cm
6 cleaning swabs each with 2 flexible foam tips
article nr. 1671
Cleaning swabs, each with 2 flexible foam tips
article nr. 1642      box of 30 swaps