Moistened cleaning cloths for synthetic and metal surfaces, keyboards and cables

Synthetic surfaces can be cleaned with Disko synthetic surface cleaning quickly, effectively and safely. The intensive cleaning action of orange peel oil extracts ensures that the surface is cleaned thoroughly. The synthetic cleaner removes stubborn dirt deposits, such as skin oils, nicotine, ink from pens and stamp pads, etc. For best results moisten the surface, wait 10 seconds and wipe dry. Microscopic antistatic film protects the cleaned surface from dirt for 6 to 8 weeks. Environmentally friendly, gentle to the skin, antiseptic and antibacterial. Safety data sheets are available.

Moistened cloths are durable, lint-free, pick up dirt easily and ensure that the surface is clean and streak-free.

Dry cloths are lint-free and have a high absorbency for drying cleaned surfaces.

Box of 10 complete wet/dry cleaning sets
article nr. 1603      1 box

Box of 40 complete wet/dry cleaning sets
article nr. 1303      1 box

Box of 80 cleaning cloths moistened with cleaning fluid
article nr. 1304      1 box

Pack of 75 lint-free cleaning cloths, 15 x 15 cm
Durable, lint-free and highly absorbent
article nr. 1617      1 pack