Dust remover

Using DISKO compressed cleaning gas, dust and pieces of paper can be removed quickly and effectively from hardware components that are difficult to access (keyboards, printers and CPUs). DISKO cleaning gas contains high-quality Tetrafluoroethane - entirely environmentally friendly, CCF-free, non-inflammable and completely safe. The composition of the compressed cleaning gas ensures that the compressed gas emerges from the bottle under constant high pressure. DISKO compressed cleaning gas is very economical (up to 3 times more economical than competitive offerings) and, as a result, provides an excellent price-to-quality ratio. Each bottle is fitted with a flexible directional nozzle, making it possible to aim the gas with precision.
Bottle E3 520
content 100 grams
article nr. 1224100

Bottle E3 520
content 430 grams
article nr. 1224

Extension tube, 50 cm incl. adapter
article nr. 1225

Lint-free fleece cleaning cloths

DISKO lint-free cleaning cloths, in combination with DISKO cleaning products, are ideal for cleaning plastic, metal and glass surfaces quickly and thoroughly. The lint-free cleaning cloths are made based on patented nonwoven technology, whereby jets of water add the desired tensile strength and absorbency to cleaning cloths without the use of binding agents or adhesives. The water jets cause the cellulose and cellulose fibres to form a solid cloth structure, resulting in a cleaning cloth that is capable of absorbing liquid four to six time of its own weight. The surface structure of the cloth is such that a very low separation of fibres (lint formation) occurs.
DISKO lint-free cloths 15 x 15 cm
Durable, lint-free and highly absorbent
article nr. 1617      1 pack of 75 cloths
article nr. 1616      1 pack of 600 cloths
DISKO lint-free cloths 23 x 23 cm
Durable, lint-free and highly absorbent
article nr. 1619      1 pack of 300 cloths

DISKO cleaning swabs

Special cleaning swabs, each with 2 flexible cleaning tips, are made from high-quality foam. Ideal tool for cleaning edges, ridges and hardware components that are difficult to reach. Swabs can easily be moistened with wet cleaning cloths or cleaning fluid. For keyboards, cover the swabs with the moistened cleaning cloths.
Box of 30 cleaning swaps, each with 2 cleaning tips
article nr. 1642      1 box

Box of 100 cleaning swaps, each with 2 cleaning tips
article nr. 1645      1 box