Moistened cleaning cloths for all types of monitors, filters and mirrors

The moistened cleaning set offers a simple, fast and safe way of cleaning. The cloths are environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin. The orange peel oil extracts ensure the surface is cleaned well and streak-free. Microscopic antistatic film is applied during cleaning, protecting the cleaned surface from dirt for 6 to 8 weeks. Safety data sheets are available.

Moistened cloths are durable, lint-free, pick up dirt easily and ensure that the surface is clean and streak-free.

Dry cloths are lint-free and have a high absorbency for drying cleaned surfaces.

Box with 10 complete wet/dry cleaning sets
including 3 cleaning swabs, each with 2 flexible foam tips
article nr. 1609      1 box
Box of 10 complete wet/dry cleaning sets
article nr. 1605      1 box
Box of 40 complete wet/dry cleaning sets
article nr. 1305      1 box
Box with 80 cleaning cloths
moistened with cleaning fluid
article nr. 1308      1 box
Pack of 75 lint-free cleaning cloths 15 x 15 cm
Durable, lint-free and highly absorbent
article nr. 1617      1 pack