DISKO cleaning cards
(patent nr. EP 0789313)

DISKO cleaning cards are the only cleaning cards in the world that clean chip contacts in card readers with landing contacts without dismantling the card reader. DISKO cleaning cards can be used a number of times, making the product very cost-effective.

The new generation of DISKO cleaning cards is the result of in-depth understanding and knowledge of card-reading equipment, an intense development effort and numerous tests. DISKO cleaning cards consist of a plastic core with a high-quality elastic microfibre top layer, which is attached to the core of the card using a high-frequency technique. The special structure of the microfibre cleaning card makes it possible to clean magnetic heads and chip contacts without using chemical cleaning fluids. Dust, dirt, skin oils and metal oxide are absorbed by the microfibre top layer of the cleaning card during cleaning. Tests and laboratory research have shown that magnetic reading heads and chip contacts are significantly cleaner after using the dry DISKO cleaning cards than the so-called wet cleaning cards moistened with cleaning fluid.

A trend-setting European company in the area of electronic payment transaction infrastructure and supply of electronic payment equipment investigated the difference between the cleaning performance of dry and wet cleaning cards. The dry DISKO cleaning cards produced the best results. The results of this investigation are available upon request.

As a result of using wet/moistened (mainly with cleaning fluid containing alcohol) cleaning cards, dirt on magnetic and chip contacts is partially loosened but is not immediately absorbed into the top layer of the cleaning card. As a result, some dirt is left behind, and is once again deposited on the cleaned surface. DISKO cleaning cards absorb dirt immediately, so that there is no chance for the cleaned surface to become dirty again.

DISKO cleaning cards are particularly environmentally friendly. No chemical cleaning agents are used. In addition, it is not necessary to protect them with a special film coat - which is done for moistened cleaning cards so that they do not dry out. DISKO cleaning cards are the best choice for fast, effective and environmentally friendly cleaning of magnetic heads and chip contacts. Due to the elasticity of the microfibre top layer, both the top and the sides of the magnetic heads and chip contacts are cleaned. During cleaning, the microfibre top layer curves around the magnetic head or chip contacts and thoroughly removes dirt. An added advantage is that no hardening of rubber rollers occurs, as no fluids containing alcohol are used.

DISKO cleaning cards
with patented moving slide for manual use  

or for ATMs with moving spring system

DISKO cleaning cards - the right choice for every application!