Welcome to our website. DISKO Sweden was founded in 2011. We are distributors and partners of DISKO Group (disko.com) in Sweden & Norway. This confers selling rights to all DISKO products, including a number of patented solutions for cleaning equipment, card readers, ATMs and more. In recent years the DISKO group has developed into a trend setting, innovative organisation in the area of development, manufacture and sale of high-quality cleaning and maintenance products for hardware. In addition to a wide range of standard cleaning products, which are to be found in the DISKO product catalogue, the DISKO group has considerable experience in developing cleaning products that are tailor-made to suit the customer. DISKO cleaning products are currently supplied to a broad group of customers in most European countries and the American market.


DISKO's strategy is to provide OEMs, resellers and end users of hardware with professional solutions for cleaning and maintenance. DISKO products help reduce both defects and (basic) maintenance costs. In addition, the products help create a clean, hygienic and attractive working environment.


DISKO cleaning products are geared to meet the high specific demands made of the cleaning of (components parts of) hardware and, with regard to quality, are among the best on the market. A number of distinctive quality aspects of DISKO cleaning products are: excellent antistatic and antibacterial action, effective cleaning action, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, noninflammable, non-irritant (safe for the user) and very economical to use. Due to the specific composition of the products (among other things, orange peel oil extracts) hardware is cleaned quickly, effectively and thoroughly.

Additional information

In almost all European countries the DISKO group works together with an extensive network of professional distributors and partners. DISKO Sweden AB are DISKO Group partners in Sweden and Norway. Product information sheets are available upon request.

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